I am privileged to serve adults, children, individuals, couples, and families by utilizing an integrative approach that serves my clients comprehensivly. This entails sharing my professional counseling, medical, ministering, and coaching skills with those I work with. Balancing the utilization of my skills, education, close relationship with God, prayer, and my 20+ years of clinical experiences, I am honored to facilitate healing in a nurturing environment. I value a holistic, emperical-based, integrative approach to counseling, functional medicine, ministering, and coaching. Therefore, while working with clients I am able to facilitate their healing process in a multi-faceted way. Addressing a client's physical, emotional, & spiritual issues is at the heart of what I do. Counseling and clinical experiences include (but are not limited to): Individual/Couple/Marriage issues & resolution, Family Systems issues, Thyroid issues, Adrenal fatigue, Autoimmune issues, Gut disbiosis, Food Sensitivity, Candidiasis, Detox needs, Labs, OCD, ODD, Post–Abortion recovery, Children/Teen counseling, Christian Discipling, Life Coaching, Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching, Marriage Coaching/Enrichment, Business Coaching, Anxiety/Stress resolution, Addiction recovery, Sexual Addiction recovery, Anger Management, Depression, PTSD, Abuse issues (including sexual, physical, and emotional), Spiritual stronghold issues, Identity crisis, Personality D/O, Parenting coaching, and many other physical, emotional and spiritual problems that people face.

Everyone experiences difficulties in life, but sometimes these difficult times turn into an extended period of hopelessness. When negative thoughts begin to impact your life to the point you are anxious, depressed, want to avoid people, or have trouble thinking, it quite possibly may be time to consider getting help. Research shows that getting help early on is very effective in a person's overall recovery and well-being.

Emotional health and well-being is a vital part of living a life of peace.

It is important to identify your emotions and understand their value. All of our emotions are important, have meaning and value, because our emotions are a vital part of who we are.

However, not all our emotions are healthy or helpful.

It is important that we become emotionally intelligent, because this gives us the ability to identify our emotions and use them constructively. When we learn how to monitor and control our emotions, we are able to conduct ourselves in a rational manner, rather than over-reacting and becoming irrational.

Another vital part of our overall health is our spiritual health. By focusing on improving your spiritual health, you will be contributing to your healing process. Spiritual healing may not cure all that is wrong, but it can be a source of hope as you learn to navigate the healing process. Spiritual health is about being able to find peace, hope, and comfort at even the most difficult times in your life.